A⁺ Retention

A⁺ Retention

A⁺ Retention

In order to prevent flash memory from performing large numbers of read tasks on the same storage block while industrial equipment is operating at high speed and resulting in read disturbance, block damages and data errors, ADATA integrated three technologies: Early Remove, Early Retire, and Read Count to provide exclusive A+ Retention solutions for customers. Used with ECC error correction, it provides higher data integrity and prolongs the usage lifespan of industrial equipment.


A Retention - Monitor read tasks to keep data perfectly safe

Early Remove

When the error rate of data read by the controller in a flash block reaches over 70%, Early Remove technology will move the data to a new block. The original block will be cleared and used as backup, further prolonging usage lifespan.

Early Retire

Early Retire technology reads retry for correction when the controller reads that the rate of modification frequency in the Flash block has increased more than 90%. It moves the data to a new block, then invalidates the original block to avoid block damage that can cause data loss.

Read Count

Read Count technology prevents the occurrence of Read Disturb. If the data stored in a certain block is being over-read too many times, the data stored in surrounding blocks may be affected (potential change 0->1 or 1 -> 0), causing the controller to calculate the Read Count. When the count exceeds the Read Count Threshold, the affected block will be copied and moved to a new block, then the original block will be erased and used as backup. This helps to extend life expectancy.